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using scales for improv

At this point, I know the major and minor scales in 12 keys. My teacher in high school never taught me about modes and enc…

5 days ago
by altocbrute (4 posts)

Help me understand music theory!

Ok so I'm a freshman in my high school and I play bari in my jazz band. It's quite overwhelming and Intimidating because o…

1 month ago
by PlayThePianos (1 post)
2 months ago
by katietyler (1 post)


Hi Forum,

I'm not a Sax player and I want to know more about you guys' instrument.

If you guys have…

2 months ago
by yinyue

Advice on improvising on sax

Hello everyone,,

I am a high school Jazz Band player. I have played the Tenor Sax for about 5 years. I have only r…

3 months ago
by PaulRileysax (2 posts)

SML or Series II?

Hello all,
   My name is George, and I'm a junior in high school. I've been looking to upgrade to a new hor…

4 months ago
by shamsmehra90 (1 post)

Slide from "The Best is Yet To Come"

Grover Washington Jr. and Patti LaBelle's Slide from "The Best is Yet To Come" has to be one of my favourite songs of…

6 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (534 posts)
8 months ago
by mikesinei
11 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (534 posts)

Site for Scales

Personally speaking, I love practicing scales.

This not only really assist with soloing, it also assist with ov…

12 months ago
by F35H

Advice on Otto Link Opening

A friend in London uses an Otto Link "9", with a very soft reed, and says I would love that setup, and could definitely play…

1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (534 posts)

80 years ago this Month, it all started

80 years ago, Coleman Hawkins recoded Body and Soul.

This recording changed the path of history.


1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

How long to learn alto when familiar with jazz?


So I want to learn saxophone to play jazz solos and play in my big band. I play lead trombone right now in…

1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (534 posts)

Contrabass Saxophone Artist?

Well, MoonHootch uploaded a Jam session with Leo P. yesterday. One of the members used a contrabass saxophone: 

1 year ago
by F35H

Lesser known players

I thought a thread about some lesser known, maybe not as mainstream, players would be a good idea. Please list some of you…

1 year ago
by Yanjipy (2 posts)
1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (534 posts)

George Robert Transcription



I've I've added a transcription of Geo…

1 year ago
by antona

What to practice if I want to start doing jazz

I am wanting to try out for the jazz band at my school, but I dont really know what to practice on besides being able to p…

2 years ago
by SaxyMan37

Improvising by playing by ear or by "theory"?

Improvising by playing by ear or by "theory"? I'm honestly curious about the division between how many players would cla…

2 years ago
by tutu10

Smoking Weed and Playing Sax

So, I'm a jazz musicican at my local highschool, which has the best music program in the pacific northwest. I started smok…

2 years ago
by Catracer (6 posts)


I have always loved the dirty, metallic, bright sound. Unfortunately, after going through high baffle mouthpieces and atte…

2 years ago

Audition Piece

I'm going to be auditioning as alto for a jazz band in a few months, and I need an audition piece. I'm 14 so I need someth…

2 years ago
by RobertD (66 posts)

Transposable jazz standards collection and solo transcriptions

I've started collection of jazz standards. The value of this particular collection is that it is in MuseScore format, so t…

3 years ago
by Saxofoner

Need help practicing

So right now my teacher has me work each week on an elude from the intermediate Neuhaus book and I've been working on over…

3 years ago
by Saxofoner (3 posts)

Orpheo Sax

Newbie, but able to play several Christmas carols and some old timey stuff on my new Orpheo Alto saxophone.  Got it b…

3 years ago
by GFC (794 posts)
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