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Is this mouthpiece legit?

Hey guys, way back I remember someone mentioning that the old Buesher mouthpieces were popular classical pieces. I found a vi…

11 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Saxophone Methods

I'm curious what method books other people use when teaching beginner students. I tend to use the Teal method books as well a…

11 years ago
by wesmiller (55 posts)

Handmade or Commercial Reeds?

So guys, is anyone making their own reeds or buying reeds several strengths to much and filing them down? Tell us about it...…

11 years ago
by spottspidermunki (55 posts)


I've heard some good things about vandoren optimum mpcs, has anyone tried them? whats the sound like?

11 years ago
by saxmaniac (19 posts)

Your favorite Classical Sax Player?

Who's your favorite and why?

11 years ago
by wesmiller (55 posts)
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