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Selmer Scroll Shanks

Does anybody have an opinion on wheter the vintage scrolls are more for classical or jazz. Thanks

20 years ago
by tickneither (4 posts)

Addendum to "Beginner Saxaphone"

I found out that the Selmer is an AS 300. Is that a beginner mod and is it a good one? thanks, Elmer

20 years ago
by Elmer (2 posts)

Mussorgsky's The Old Castle - my recording

If anyone's interested, I knocked out a decent recording of "The Old Castle" in my studio today. I'd be happy to send it for…

20 years ago
by SteamyHotSax (4 posts)

larry teal's art of saxophone playing

Is this book up to date. Its about 40 years old. Is the breathing info. right on or has there been new developments? By the…

20 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Ryo Noda

Hello, I am doing a recitle in a few weeks and performing the Ryo Noda Improvisation II and I am looking for some informatio…

20 years ago
by wamphyri (1 post)

David Maslanka Sax Pieces

Hello, Has anybody heard of David Maslanka? The four pieces I have heard of his that pertain to saxophone: Mountain Roads fo…

20 years ago
by saxguy9345 (21 posts)


One of the best saxophone players I have heard is undoubtedly Ed Fraedrich. His tone is sonrous and full of depth and is cert…

20 years ago
by SATBSaxRH (11 posts)

Mpc-lig combo for broad dark sound

I have been playing the alto for 2 years and recently purchased a Yamaha tenor 62 series III. I am a soloist and prefer a bro…

20 years ago
by Saxoplayer (2 posts)

Creston Concerto

Hi all. I'm new to the saxquest world. I'm having problems finding a recording of the Creston Concerto. I've got the Sonata b…

20 years ago
by wianno (2 posts)

Legit Mouthpiece

I am an expierienced legit alto player, and i have tried many legit pieces, larry teal, selmer s-80, and some vandorens. I wa…

20 years ago
by Kitch22 (98 posts)

Vandoren Optimum Al3

I was wondering if anyone has played a larry teal and an optimum mouthpiece knows which one has a darker rounder more focuse…

20 years ago
by allaboutsax (7 posts)

Is this mouthpiece legit?

Hey guys, way back I remember someone mentioning that the old Buesher mouthpieces were popular classical pieces. I found a vi…

20 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Saxophone Methods

I'm curious what method books other people use when teaching beginner students. I tend to use the Teal method books as well a…

20 years ago
by wesmiller (55 posts)

Handmade or Commercial Reeds?

So guys, is anyone making their own reeds or buying reeds several strengths to much and filing them down? Tell us about it...…

20 years ago
by spottspidermunki (55 posts)


I've heard some good things about vandoren optimum mpcs, has anyone tried them? whats the sound like?

20 years ago
by saxmaniac (19 posts)

Your favorite Classical Sax Player?

Who's your favorite and why?

20 years ago
by wesmiller (55 posts)
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