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Jazz Festival in sebring/ lake placid florida

Sebring's first ever jazz festival sponsored by Taco Bell will be held Nov. 22nd 2008 at henscratch farms, winery and vineyar…

15 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Rick K and the akknighters florida swing

I will be playing with Rick K and the Allnighters during their Florida swing starting this month. Bobby Menear, the trumpet p…

15 years ago
by saxxsymbol (217 posts)

Free Jazz Improvisation Lessons Online

Visit my website to download two free jazz improvisation lessons: no replies by scooby (83 posts) 15 years ago

15 years ago
by scooby (83 posts)

Graduate Assistantship in Saxophone at Ohio University

There is an opening for a GRADUATE ASSISTANT in SAXOPHONE at Ohio University beginning Fall 2009. For information please visi…

15 years ago
by matt james (5 posts)

Free Cd of my orginal music. Played on 1952 SBA w ottolink 8*

Hello friends, acquaintances, and fellow saxophonists, I've just released my new Cd "La Commune" for free download on my Blog…

16 years ago
by Matt Otto (4 posts)

New site

I just found a really neat jazz site. It's ...Kelsey

16 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

John W. McGrath, Director / Producer offers the following professional performance opportunity:

Saxophone player wanted for Professional Stage Show(s): Saxophone player with Stage Performance &/or Acting background wante…

16 years ago
by ARFDTS (1 post)

Sax Opening- US Navy Band

The United States Navy Band currently has a vacancy for saxophone in the Concert Band. More information at 1 replies by agrimm1 (1 post) 16 years ago

16 years ago
by MRFIXIT (19 posts)


My son asked for a sax and I bought a Victory. Any thoughts?

16 years ago
by MRFIXIT (19 posts)

What Is It? HN White King 17&1/2 inch saxophone serial #112XXX?

Just got a H.N. White "King" saxophone. It is only 17 & 1/2 inches long! 3 & 1/2 inch bell! It's serial number is 112XXX. W…

16 years ago
by Beau KAE (2 posts)

Keith Anderson playing a Cannonball Vintage at NAMM

This is a great youtube clip of Keith Anderson, Marcus Miller's sax player playing a new Cannonball Vintage alto at the 2008…

16 years ago
by sgroggle (1 post)

Our new online store is open!

No horns yet, but they're on the way. We're still tweaking and putting up pictures and additional items. www.nationofmusic.c…

16 years ago
by STEVE GOODSON (291 posts)

Otto Link Mouthpieces

I just tried several new Otto Link metal mouthpieces. The rails were all distorted and did not meet the tip squarely. The tip…

16 years ago
by Tranesyadaddy (279 posts)

JJ Babbitt Rant - Meyer Hard Rubber Tenor

I just took a new tenor Meyer Metal and tenor Yanigasawa Metal to my local music store to sell on consignment. (They are all…

16 years ago
by idigbird (4 posts)

Black Nickel DC Pro II Tenor Sax for SALE--CHEAP!

I just entered the school of music and am looking for a new tenor and so I am trying to sell the one I have now. It's in grea…

16 years ago
by pedro duenez (1 post)

Bari Sax Advice

Hey, I'm looking to trade into a bari sax. Any advise on baris I should be looking at?

16 years ago
by KMAN (1 post)

new pro Buffet alto sax

I'm considering buying a new Buffet 400 series professional alto sax. What are people's thoughts on this sax?

16 years ago
by jkoosed (2 posts)


Ok, I'm now very interested in a new saxophone. Price is an issue. I've heard good things about STEPHANHOUSER. Good horn for…

16 years ago
by BassSaxMonster (5 posts)


Hi, I'm looking to somehow trade into a bari. Now Please recommend a few brands that can be had at resonable prices. Thanks!

16 years ago
by ContrabassSax (10 posts)


Hello fellow saxophone teachers, I am posting to warn you about a recent scam email being perpertrated on saxophone teacher…

17 years ago
by Gordon Tokishi808 (1 post)

Help playing and free lessons

Hello, Allow me to introduce myself-Skip of Please stop by and check out all the cool stuff available for the a…

17 years ago
by bakare (1 post)

mouthpiece advice

Looking for some advice from the group for a loud freeblowing rock-N-roll tenor mouthpiece.

17 years ago
by carltonjazz (25 posts)

your advice on the purchase of Antigua Winds Saxophone

Hi, I was planning to buy the Antigua Winds professional model sax. Anyone have any thoughts on this horn?

17 years ago
by carltonjazz (25 posts)

Looking for a student Saxophone

I looking to purchase a quality student saxophone. I have found some sites on the net for saxophone but none that are very in…

17 years ago
by bobstad6 (38 posts)


I have been practicing both my tenor and alto daily for about one to two hours. I have now contracted tendonitis or tennis el…

17 years ago
by wls525 (3 posts)
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