OTTO LINK New York Slant Signature Tone Edge 8 Tenney Custom Back to model

This is a gorgeous tenor saxophone mouthpiece!! It is an original late New York vintage table stamp Slant Sig Otto Link with an original 8 tip opening, measuring an honest 0.110. The piece is in mint condition with all of the original gold lettering still intact. 

The sound of this piece is truly incredible. It has a fat and focused sound with the full harmonic quality of Otto Link at its very best. It captures the contemporary hard rubber sound perfectly and is plenty of tip opening for nearly all pro players. 

The piece has never been worked on with the exception of the custom brass shank ring that was applied by Doc Tenney. There was a hairline crack about 1/4" long on the side of the shank (nowhere near the table) that was repaired and remedied by Doc's flawless and tasteful work. The crack is hardly noticeable even under the closest of examination. 

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Slant Signature Tone Edge
Date Manufactured: Late 1940's - Mid 1950's
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