GUARDALA Branford Marsalis (Serial Number: 8924) Back to model

The mouthpiece shows some wear to the finish but is physically in very good shape. The tips and rails are both in excellent condition aside from one very small nick right above the tip of the piece. The table is in excellent shape showing just a few surface scratches, these small surface scratches are purely cosmetic and do no effect the way the piece plays at all.

The tip opening of this piece is right at .110 making the mouthpiece around an 8 facing. It features a nice drop down chamber and indented inner side rails. This mouthpiece plays with a lot of power and a lot of volume. Sonically the piece is definitely on the brighter side and plays with a very big free blowing sound.

Manufacturer: GUARDALA
Model: Branford Marsalis
Date Manufactured:
Serial: 8924
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