OTTO LINK New York Tone Master - Joe Allard Model (Serial Number: G54) Back to model

This a special edition metal Otto Link "Tone Master" Tenor sax mouthpiece.  Otto Link released a limited amount of these "Joe Allard" edition mouthpieces.  Joe Allard was a well known saxophone educator who built up a huge reputation and following.  Many of his teaching techniques are used today. Otto Link offered the "J.A." facings on the following model mouthpieces:

Tone Master
Reso Chamber
New York Super Tone Master
Florida Slant Signature

We have an incredibly rare Joe Allard Alto mouthpiece pictured in the Reso Chamber section that was a collaboration between Otto Link and Meyer as well.

This piece with serial number G54, is all original and has never been altered or opened, and measures .075".  Joe Allard facings are generally very closed.  We've seen them range from .075" to .080" on Tenor.  The piece does show some finish wear that has come with age, but there are no cracks or nicks, and the original tip and rails are in perfect condition.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Early 1940's
Serial: G54
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