BRILHART Personaline - Tonalin L8 (Serial Number: 75469) Back to model

This is an excellent Brilhart Tonalin "Personaline" mouthpiece for the alto sax, serial number 75469. It is stamped L8 and measures .090".

This mouthpiece has the unique Personaline gold lettering, rather than the black lettering usually found on the Tonalins. While the body looks different, the chamber is actually very similar to the regular Tonalin models.

The mouthpiece is in incredible physical shape, with most of the lettering intact and absolutely no major scratches of note. The wood grain looking bite plate doesn't have a mark on it. This is a fantastic mouthpiece with a real warm sound.

Manufacturer: BRILHART
Model: Personaline
Date Manufactured:
Serial: 75469
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