BERG LARSEN Deluxe -Gold Brass 120/2 SMS On Top Back to model

This is an incredibly early original gold brass Berg Larsen Deluxe mouthpiece of the 1940's vintage for the tenor sax, stamped 120/2, with the SMS above the numbering.  This is incredibly rare!! This is the deLuxe model that was only offered in the 120/2 facing from what we've seen. The combination of the chamber size and nice open facing makes this a really sweet sounding piece.

The mouthpiece is in excellent original condition. There is no major finish wear to speak of. The bite plate has no major indentations although it has some chipping around the edges. The tip and rails do not have a nick in them and the facing curve mesaures even all the way out. This is a real gem of a mouthpiece given its vintage.


We have an old add from Berg pictured that talks about the mouthpiece as well, and it has a nice little qoute from Stan Getz promoting the mouthpiece.

Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Deluxe
Date Manufactured: 1940's
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