OTTO LINK Florida Super Tone Master Double Line 6 (Serial Number: G76) Back to model

This is a very sweet playing vintage Otto Link double line mouthpiece for tenor. The mouthpiece may not look very pretty but man what a player. There is a little wear in the beak area form the previous owner but this is only cosmetic and does not effect the way the mouthpiece plays. The rails, tip and table are all in great shape. The tip opening on this mouthpiece is right around .085.” There is a little bit of very hard to spot cosmetic wear just above the tip. This piece can really blow some air. It plays with a very nice full resonant sound that has a truly exceptional amount of volume, power and projection. This piece does have a slightly brighter edge to it as far as Links go, giving a very full versatile sound.


Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: 1960's
Serial: G76
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