OTTO LINK New York Tone Master Ralph Morgan (Serial Number: 1J76) Back to model

This is a very cool vintage Otto Link Tone Master Mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It has seen its fair share of gigs over the years but still plays great. This particular piece was refaced and silvered in the past by Ralph Morgan. The Silver is mostly gone now but you can still see traces along the body. The table, rails and tip are in decent shape, there is a nick spot at the back of the window where the side rails meet the table. 

The Tone Master plays with a strong focus which is also on the darker side of the color spectrum. With a tip opening that measures .085” this mouthpiece is played most successfully with a heavy reed.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Tone Master
Date Manufactured: 1940's
Serial: 1J76
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