OTTO LINK Master Link 3 (Serial Number: Q74) Back to model

This is an early vintage Otto Link Master Link metal mouthpiece for alto saxophone, serial number Q74. The body of the piece is in good physical condition showing a typical amount of cosmetic wear for its vintage. Its facing is in good condition, the table, tip and rails are all in good shape. The previous owner had some worked done and the current tip opening of the piece is .065”. 

These older vintage Links had a larger chamber in comparison to the later models. The inner dimensions of the mouthpiece also feature rounded side walls and a deep floor. This sort of chamber configuration allows for a very dark and free blowing sound. A great player if you really dig that smoky open resonant sound.

The pieces still has its original lig and cap too. 

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Master Link
Date Manufactured: Early 1930's
Serial: Q74
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