MEYER Brothers New York 5M Medium Chamber Opened to 105 Back to model

This is a very vintage Meyer Bros New York for tenor saxophone. It was originally a 5 M but was at some point opened to .105”. In Meyer standards this is somewhere close to a 10 or a little bit bigger, for most mouthpieces the .105” is equivalent to a 7*.  

The physical body of the piece is in very good shape, there is some fading and few light surface scratches. This kind of cosmetic wear is very typical among pieces of this vintage. The rails, table and tip are all in pristine condition looking very clean with no wear. This mouthpiece has a great warm free blowing sound that is extremely resonant. Although this is a warmer playing mouthpiece it has a great sonic intensity and its projection is quite exceptional. Usually most of the vintage Meyers we see are at smaller tip openings. This one is right in the money zone (.105”) and is playing great with an intense sound full of tasty resonance.

Manufacturer: MEYER
Model: Brothers New York
Date Manufactured:
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