M.C. GREGORY Hollywood "Master" 4A-18M (Serial Number: 6504) Back to model

This is a vintage Gregory Hollywood hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, serial number 6504. Its table, rails and tip are in great shape. The tip opening is right at .075”. The tip rail area does show signs it was at some point worked on. The body of the mouthpiece is physically in very good shape as well, showing very little cosmetic wear. These mouthpieces play with a nice warm focused sound that has plenty of sonic definition. The medium open chamber features rounded inner side walls and a very slight roll towards the end of the baffle near the tip.  There is definitely a dark resonance to the sound from this piece.

Manufacturer: M.C. GREGORY
Model: Master Hollywood
Date Manufactured:
Serial: 6504
Contributed By: saxquest.com