M.C. GREGORY Model A 4A-16 (Serial Number: 5166) Back to model

This is a very nice Gregory mouthpiece for alto saxophone; Model A 4A 16, serial number 5166. The body of this mouthpiece is in very good condition. There is some very slight oxidation around the center of the body and a few light scratches here and there. Both of these things are cosmetic and do not effect how the mouthpiece plays. The tip and table of this piece are in pristine original condition. The rails are in very good shape, they do show very slight wearing but not drastic enough to affect the way the mouthpiece plays. This mouthpiece packs plenty of projection and is very free blowing. These pieces are famous for having the dark Desmond esk sound to them.

Manufacturer: M.C. GREGORY
Model: Model A
Date Manufactured:
Serial: 5166
Contributed By: saxquest.com