OTTO LINK New York Tone Master Hawkins Special Back to model

This is a very rare mouthpiece. It is a New York Tonemaster with a special tip opening that was designed for the great Coleman Hawkins. It was dubbed the "Hawkins Special" facing and is stamped HS on the table. It was the most open of any of the Tone Masters, and measures an honest 0.098. This is the ORIGINAL facing and has never been opened or worked on.

The piece is gorgeous and physically flawless. It has well over 90% of its original gold plate still intact. The biteplate is perfect, without even a scratch on it. This piece has seen very little playing time. 

This piece has a huge and very warm sound. The timbre is dark and extrememly colorful. You can really push this piece thanks to the tip opening and facing curve. It is a fantastic player and a great piece of history. 

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Tone Master
Date Manufactured:
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