C.G. CONN Virtuoso Deluxe - Chu Berry- hunter (Serial Number: 143624) Back to model

Here is a beautiful example of the exquisite beauty of the early 1920's Conn saxophones. A number of special order saxophones were produced throughout Conn's "golden era" and these horns are referred to as the "Virtuoso Deluxe Models". C.G. Conn's designation as finish 000.

This saxophone was hand engraved with the fine "push cut" engraving style from head to toe with finely detailed patterns and scenes. The Conn engravers of this period were artists in the true sense of the name and it was these artist model saxophones which showcased their true artistic creativity.

This particular saxophone portrays a hunter with a rifle in hand and knife strapped to his belt. The horn is further engraved with elaborate floral designs covering the bell, up the entire body tube and on the bottom bow.

The Conn "Virtuoso Deluxe Model" saxophones are quite rare and are indeed a treasured piece in any saxophone collection. To add to their already ornate style, these saxophones were also inlayed with finely cut mother of pearl on all of the touch pieces (palm keys, right hand side keys, table keys, alternate F# key, low C and Eb keys, and the octave key).

This instrument has all new top grade Prestini pads with solid silver reso-tech metal resonators. The pad work was done by the great repai technicians at Saxquest. It is set up with all new cork, felts, and springs. The feel is absolutely perfect. The set up on this sax has a nice open key height which really brings the instrument to life! The sound is rich and the horn is extremely responsive with an overall dark sonic character. This saxophone is also photographed in the original Conn case.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Virtuoso Deluxe
Date Manufactured: 1924
Serial: 143624
Contributed By: saxquest.com