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This is a vintage Buffet Crampon "Prestige" model alto sax, serial number 38416. This alto was one of the first to feature a copper body to increase the warmth and resonance of the instrument, and it was done to perfection.
This alto is in outstanding physical condition. There are no major dents. There are also no resoldered joints. The finish is about 90 - 95% intact with mostly just surface scratching from honest playing. This is the model that featured the sculpted low Eb/C keys as well as the improved table / low Bb keywork. It is keyed to high F#. This saxophone still has the original pads fitted with the original flat metal resonators.
This model has long been sought after among the classical crowd for its ringing, lyrical tone and superb intonation. Playing it for 5 minutes it is easy to see why. This is one of the most melodic instruments you will find, and its response is fast and extremely emotive.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: Prestige Models
Date Manufactured: 1988
Serial: 38416
Contributed By: saxquest.com