SELMER New Large Bore - Lacquer (Serial Number: 12797) Back to model

Here is a beautiful vintage Selmer Super tenor saxophone, serial number 12797. This horn looks incredible and plays like a dream.

The engraving on this horn is beautiful. It is very elaborate and detailed, and is truly breathtaking. Physically the horn looks outstanding. The horn is relacquered, but it is the best factory redo we've ever seen. The color is just right, a gorgeous dark brown patina, and nearly immaculate, with no major wear of note. It is over 98% intact.

The sax is also in top physical condition. There are no dents, no dings, and no signs of any past damages or repairs. There is just a small amount of resolder work on the alternate F# key guard, which was done extremely well - you've got to really look to find it! The horn does still have the original neck, which has had the octave key post resoldered (also done professionally), and is in perfect physical shape, with no dings or dimples and having never been pulled down.

Good looks mean nothing without substance, and this horn is a phenomenal player too. The sound has a bit of a darker characteristic, with that almost famous Selmer rich warmth in the tone. An extremely flexible instrument, it is a real free blowing horn and allows the player to bend and shape notes with ease.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: New Large Bore
Date Manufactured: 1930-1931
Serial: 12797
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