MARTIN "The Martin" - Lacquer (Serial Number: 186524) Back to model

This is a sweet vintage Martin Committee “The Martin Alto” alto sax, serial number 186524. This alto is in exquisite original condition. It has been meticulously cared for in its life.

You rarely find a vintage Martin alto sax in this nice of condition. The original lacquer is 98%+, with only very minor wear on a couple touch points. The sax has 2 small pencil-point chair pings in the bottom bow, no other dents or dings, and no other previous damages. There are no resolders and no previous repairs. The original neck is included with the matching serial number. This alto was overhauled by Saxquest in 2012, comes in all new pads/corks/felts, with metal Noyak resonators.

The old Martin saxophones have yet to be given their due in the sax world and are often overlooked, but they are fantastic horns. This alto has a huge, powerful sound, with a great response from low Bb up into the altissimo. It feels solid in your hands, and you can really push it. This is a great alto for the pro player on a budget.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: The Martin
Date Manufactured: 1953
Serial: 186524
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