KING Zephyr Special - Lacquer/Sterling Neck (Serial Number: 266907) Back to model

Here's a very striking example of a very late vintage original lacquer King HN White Zephyr Special tenor saxophone. Note by this vintage the sunburst engraving pattern on the bell keys is absent. The lacquer color is more honey color now as opposed the the super dark color of the early vintage Zephyr Special saxes.

This sax was overhauled in the Saxquest shop by repair expert, George Bunk in the fall of 2011.

The original lacquer on this instrument is a very nice 98+ percent showing very little play wear. The body may have had some minor dent work in the past but shows no signs of ever receiving any major solder work. It features a sterling silver double socket neck joint, triple strap hook, and pearl side keys. Note the original tinted lacquer overspray showing over the sterling silver neck giving it a gold lacquer look.

This tenor plays with a strong full sound with plenty of power. A little on the bright side of the color spectrum, the Zephyr has no problem cutting above a loud mix.

Manufacturer: KING
Model: Zephyr Special series I
Date Manufactured: 1942
Serial: 266907
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