SELMER Mark VI Lacq Soprano (Serial Number: 105987) Back to model

We're pleased to present this wonderful early vintage Mark VI soprano. With serial number 105987, this soprano is only a few months younger than Coltrane's soprano, which was serial number 99626.

The horn has a solid 95% of the original lacquer still intact. Its beautiful. Its in excellent physical condition with no past damage repair. There is no real wear to the pearls and it feels great. A strap hook has been added for comfort.

The best part of this horn is the sound. It has a fat core sound that is hard to find in a soprano. It stays fat all the way into the palm keys and speaks with an instant response. Altissimo feels like part of of the horn's natural range on this instrument. The intonation is spectacular.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Mark VI
Date Manufactured: 163-1964
Serial: 105987
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