SELMER Mark VI - Matte Silver Plate (Serial Number: 94660) Back to model

     Here's a rare horn, a Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone in original silver matte finish. Its serial number is 94660. Its one of only a handful of Mark VI's we've seen in this finish. All have had the same Euro style engraving. It was set up in the Saxquest shop by Duncan Bamsey in 2004.
     Physically this horn is in fantastic shape. The silver plate wear is minimal. The satin finish has a very fine bead blast finish that is smoother in appearance than the American made horns such as Conn or Beuscher.
     The instrument was set up at Saxquest with new top grade Prestini pads and flat metal Resotech resonators. All the key mechanisms respond smoothly and freely and the horn feels very comfortable under your fingers. It responds wonderfully with a sound that borders on a darker tonality. It's very resonant but plays with a slightly heavier tonal feel.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Mark VI
Date Manufactured: 1961-1962
Serial: 94660
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