BUESCHER 400 Top Hat & Cane - Lacquer (Serial Number: 336326) Back to model

This is one of the most gorgeous saxophones that you will ever see!! It is a MINT condition all original Buescher 400 alto saxophone, serial number 336326.

It has all of the great features that made this the premier saxophone of its time. Some of the features include: Norton Gold Plated Springs, Buescher snap-in Resonators, raised Buescher lettering, oversized re-inforced bell, and ornate hand engraving including a castle-scene as well as the famous Tophat & Cane.

It is truly an amazing instrument, and to see one in this preserved unplayed condition is a rare and special treat. The original lacquer is well over 99% intact (verging on 100%) and all of the pearls and rollers are perfect. Even the lacquer around the strap hook is as clean as it gets.

All of the pads are original and the horn plays great making this a truly unique situation to be able to experience a Top Hat & Cane as it would have been set up from the factory. The action feels incredible. This goes to show just how good the original factory setups were at the time and is a testiment to the hand-craftsmanship that went into the saxophones of this era.

The sound is huge and as fat as it gets!! The horn can handle as much air as you can put through it, and still maintain a sweetness that only the Buescher has. This is simply an awesome saxophone!!

The instrument is complete with the original case which is also in nearly perfect condition. It still has all of the original paperwork and factory care brochure along with all of the original accessories (mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap and lig, neck strap).

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: 400 top hat & cane
Date Manufactured: 1950
Serial: 336326
Contributed By: saxquest.com