BUESCHER New Aristocrat - Lacquer (Serial Number: 267251) Back to model

Here’s an example of a rare instrument that can be enjoyed by the collector and player alike. It’s a Buescher “New Aristocrat” tenor sax, serial number 267251. It was the transitional horn made between the late vintage True Tone and the early Aristocrat models and was in production for less than one year.

For a sax dating back to about 1934, this instrument is in exceptional condition. It stands at about 85% original lacquer remaining, with just speckled wear on some keys and rods. There are two larger wear spots on the back side of the body tube and bell. There are just a couple minor dings on the bottom of the bell and bow, but nothing substantial. There is one resolder on the low Eb key guard.

The sax was meticulously maintained over the years. It maintains a light key action, in part due to the presence of the original gold plated Norton springs that are still in perfect condition. The action remains crisp and smooth.

The sax has a nice open “meaty” tone. The sound definitely has a full effortless quality to it. It borders on a darker tonality but with lots of power behind it, especially in the middle and lower registers.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: New Aristocrat
Date Manufactured: 1935 - 1936
Serial: 267251
Contributed By: saxquest.com