BUESCHER 400 Top Hat & Cane - Lacquer (Serial Number: 345984) Back to model

Here is an amazing original Buescher 400 “top hat & cane” tenor saxophone, serial number 345984. This gorgeous beast is absolutely stunning, with 99% original lacquer remaining and really no major wear anywhere. It is as nice as they come.

There are no dents or dings, no past damages or repairs, and no resoldered joints. The sax has all of the original gold plated Norton springs and the original amber rollers. The neck with underslung octave key is in equally nice condition. Even the original case is just about perfect!

The sax was fully set up by Saxquest’s Duncan Bamsey back in 2006. He replaced what pads needed replacing, and then fully adjusted and regulated the instrument. All the original Buescher snap-in metal resonators are there. Saxquest has tremendous experience with Buescher 400s and set this one up with a nice open feel. This is a very responsive tenor, with a big warm vibrant sound.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: 400 top hat & cane
Date Manufactured: 1951
Serial: 345984
Contributed By: saxquest.com