MARTIN "The Martin" - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 176748) Back to model

This is a beautiful "The Martin" alto saxophone, serial number 176748. This was horn was made in 1938 and is in remarkably preserved original condition. The original silver plate is 100%. It is a matte finish on the body and a glossy finish underneath the engraving, which covers the bell and onto the bottom bow. The keys are nickel plated, which compliments the matte body very well. The only plating wear is on just a few keys and the thumb rests and low B/Bb keyguard. The gold plating on the inside of the bell is perfect.

The physical condition is excellent! There are no dents and only very minor dentwork on the bottom bow. The only resoldering is the lyre holder, which is just above the palm key tone holes (see photo) for details on that work.

This horn has the classic beveled soldered toneholes which have never been filed, and are in excellent condtion. The sax was repadded by Saxquest back in 2001. The neck is perfect with matching serial number and the Martin screw fastener. This is a wonderful alto made famous by the great Art Pepper, among others.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: The Martin
Date Manufactured: 1938
Serial: 176748
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