MARTIN Handcraft - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 109209) Back to model

Here's a very cool 1934 vintage Martin Handcraft Imperial bari sax. This instrument is in outstanding condition. It was overhauled by Saxquest in 2007 by Saxquest lead repair technician, George bunk.

Its keyed up to high F with individually mounted palm keys. You notice that it only has two side keys. The neck features a heavy duty brace which is factory original.

This example is in satin silver plate finish. It shows very little wear and is in excellent condition. The sound is BIG and BOOMY. After playing this instrument you can see why it would have been a good choice back when there was no amplification. Its not just a loud sax. It also has a nice warm sound that is full of resonance and life! A very fun saxophone to play indeed!

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Handcraft Imperial
Date Manufactured: 1934
Serial: 109209
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