MARTIN "The Martin" - Lacquer (Serial Number: 214835) Back to model

This is an outstanding Martin “The Martin Baritone” saxophone, serial number 214835. This horn stands at greater than 95% original lacquer remaining and looks incredible.

The sax has just light lacquer wear on some keys and touch points. It has no major dents and no signs of any past damage. There are just a couple extremely light dings in the bottom bow. This horn is in much better physical condition than most baritones out there.

This bari received a total overhaul in 2004 by Saxquest. This bari allows a whisper down to low Bb. When pushed, the horn has a nice warm sound with plenty of punch and a real quick response. It is a free-blowing instrument that can flat out play.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: The Martin
Date Manufactured: 1962
Serial: 214835
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