C.G. CONN 10M Naked Lady - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 267183) Back to model

This is a fantastic early vintage Conn 12M tenor sax.  This horn is unbelievable standing at well over 90% original silver plate, with sterling silver keys.  This horn shines like none other in the light, and still has a beautifel matte silver finish on its perfect body tube.  Their is minor plating wear in the usual touch spots on the keys, other than this the horn is perfect.


There are no dents, dings, resolders, or history of any repairs of these kind to speak of.  The horn has definitely been played a ton, and has that amazing feel everyone wants that only comes from a horn that has been truly broken in.  Even though this horn has been played a ton, it was obviously well cared for from its history of no past serious repairs.


The sound is also incredible on this guy.  It has a big, open dark sound, with just the right amount of spread for this vintage of Conn.  The horn was completely repadded in 2007 by Saxquest technician Chris Watrous.  The key heights are medium open, and the response is lightning fast.  It was repadded using top of the line Valentino leather pads, and Conn reso-style resonators.  This is the definition of what a true player's horn is!!!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: M Series Naked Lady
Date Manufactured: 1935-1936
Serial: 267183
Contributed By: saxquest.com