C.G. CONN "Portrait - "Walrus" (Serial Number: 211127) Back to model

This is a beautiful gold plated Conn Chu Berry “Portrait Model” alto sax, serial number 211127. This horn features breathtaking engraving that is truly a sight to see. It was overhauled by Saxquest in 2004 and is an awesome player.
There are not many engravers today that could rival those that worked at Conn back when this horn was produced. It has a beautiful floral pattern that wraps all around the bell, with the centerpiece being a portrait of a mother and baby Walrus. The whole pattern is extremely detailed and quite marvelous.
Physically, the sax is in perfect condition. The original gold plating is over 98% intact, with just minor wear on a couple touch points. There are no dents or dings, and no resoldered joints. The sax does feature rolled tone holes, the fingernail file G# key, and a trill G# key. It does still have the original Conn tuner neck, also in excellent shape.
Saxquest repair expert Duncan Bamsey did the full repad on this instrument, and it comes with top grade professional pads, brown plastic resonators. All of the corks, felts, and springs were also replaced. It has been set up with a medium-open key height, and a lighter spring tension, which is what these instruments would have originally had, and makes it feel very comfortable.
This sax plays with a very warm and full tone. It is slightly darker in characteristic, but still has plenty of punch when pushed. It is a fun horn to play, the kind that you can just pick up and play, and hours go by before you realize it.
Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1928-1929
Serial: 211127
Contributed By: saxquest.com