KING Voll True - raw brass (Serial Number: 123254) Back to model

This is a 1929 vintage King Voll True tenor saxophone in raw brass finish, serial number 123254. While still sporting many of the antiquated key mechanisms of the older HN White model, the Voll True does have nice key action for a horn of its vintage and a trill G# key. This was the last model made by king before they started putting the bell keys on the same side of the bell.

The body of the horn is physically in very good shape. The previous owner of the horn had the lacquer stripped off of it so it has a very clean and bare look to it now. The bell flair of the instrument looks very true showing no major dents. The bow of the instrument looks very good currently but there is evidence of previous dent work that was professionally handled.

This horn includes that original neck that has also had the lacquer striped form it. The neck is in very good shape but there is some slight evidence that there was some professional dent work removed on the neck.


Manufacturer: KING
Model: Voll-True
Date Manufactured: 1923 - 1924
Serial: 123254
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