C.G. CONN Gold Plate Art Deco - Transitional (Serial Number: 245796) Back to model

This a pristine example of a 99+% original Gold Plate Art Deco Conn Alto.  This transitional Conn alto features all the typical Conn signatures of the day such as rolled tone holes, the double socket neck with underslung octave key, and a table mechanism like the earlier Chu Berry horns, minus the fingernail file G#. 


These Art Deco transitional altos are arguably the most saught after Conn altos ever made.  Conn was producing horns with such a high level of consistency at this time that it is actually really hard to find a bad one of these horns.  This a great representation of what a classic American made saxophone should look and play like.


This horn has a sweet, dark sound.  It offers just the right amount of resistance to give the player something to push up against.  Lacquered Conns and Silver Conns both have a great things going for themselves, but it is hard to touch the complex tone that you can achieve on a Gold Plated Art Deco.  The Nickel Plated Conns come close, but they are kind of a different thing all their own.  Anyway, this is an awesome vintage Art Deco Conn.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Transitional
Date Manufactured: 1931-1932
Serial: 245796
Contributed By: saxquest.com