BUESCHER True Tone - Matte Gold Plate (Serial Number: 224424) Back to model

This is a gorgeous gold plated Buescher True Tone soprano saxophone, serial number 224424. The photos can hardly begin to do this horn justice as it is in very stunning physical and cosmetic condition. Its original gold satin finish is still fully intact. The finish is even still present around the tone holes of the instrument. The body tube has seen absolutely no major bends, dents or re-solders in the past.

This instrument was recently full overhauled and reconditioned by Saxquest's master saxophone repair tech, George Bunk. The key regulation is absolutely superb on this soprano. It feels great, operating with a high level of fluidity and efficiency. The whole range of the horn speaks very evenly from low Bb into the palm keys. Intonation is also quite exceptional on this instrument. A great playing vintage American made instrument!

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1928 - 1929
Serial: 224424
Contributed By: saxquest.com