C.G. CONN Conn-O-Sax Original Lacquer (Serial Number: 225943) Back to model

This is an original lacquer C.G. Conn F Mezzo Conn-O-Sax, serial number 219257. This particular Conn-O-Sax is in a standard lacquer finish. The lacquer is in great original condition. Its body is superb physical shape and has never received any major dent work and zero re-solders. The original neck is fantastic and has never been pulled down and has never seen dent work. This saxophone features all of the original keys, adjustment rods, key pearls and rollers. Its key work has all of the Conn era refinements that include a finger nail file G# key, trill G#, rolled tone holes and set screws. These Conn-O-Sax's also have key work up to high G in addition to a low A, very cool stuff.

Conn really thought they were on to something with this instrument. Keyed in F, it features extended key-work from low A to high G, and Conn thought it was finally the way to introduce the saxophone to the standard orchestral setting. Since you don't see them in orchestras anywhere, you can guess it was a huge mistake in judgment, though of course, the Great Depression didn't help matters. They did not sell, and today it is one of the most hard to find saxophones. Nearly all of them still in existence, which is few, are in private collections or museums.

This Conn-O-Sax features a full Saxquest overhaul and is an out of this world player. The set-up includes a new set of Valentino pads, brown plastic resonators, new premium felts, corks and a very thorough key regulation. The key work is very quick and smooth under the fingers allowing for a very easy play. It has an exotic warm sound color. Close to the timbre of an alto saxophone but in the key of F so there is also a strong English horn vibe about the way it sounds. The horn takes in the air very fast and has the lush free blowing response you would expect from a vintage Conn.

With out a question one of the absolute coolest horns on Saxophone.org 

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Conn-O-Sax
Date Manufactured: 1929
Serial: 225943
Contributed By: saxquest.com