BUESCHER 400 Top Hat & Cane - Lacquer (Serial Number: 298617) Back to model

This is one of the very first made Buescher 400 tenor saxophones with serial number 298617, dating to March of 1942. Production of the 400 tenor had just gotten underway when instrument making at the Buescher factory was all but halted in 1943 to contribute to the war effort. (see special exhibits for more details).

This tenor is in exquisite physical condition. The original lacquer is about 99% intact with minimal playing wear. The only minor flaw is that it shows some history of previous dings having been removed from the bottom bow. The original neck does have the underslung octave key and shows a little more wear but is in excellent physical condition.

This horn was just fully set up in the Saxquest shop in 2009 by sax guru, George Bunk. Most of the pads were replaced but we were able to save all of the original snap-in metal domed resonators. The horn has nearly all of the original gold plated Norton springs and all of the original amber rollers.

This tenor has a big sound, extremely resonant, and lots of power. You can move a ton of air through this tenor with ease, and you can really feel it come alive under you fingers!

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: 400 top hat & cane
Date Manufactured: 1941
Serial: 298617
Contributed By: saxquest.com