C.G. CONN Wonder Improved - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 11905) Back to model

This is an original silver plate Conn Wonder Improved Alto saxophone.  This horn definitely shows its wear for being over 100 years old.  Unfortunately it is not in playing condition right now.  It still has its original pads, and they are in pretty sad shape.  There are small dents and dings to be found throughout the body and bow of this alto.  This horn was definitely played in its day.  It's definitely interesting to look at these very vintage, very used horns, and think about where they came from, and what they have seen in their lifetimes.  Hopefully one day this horn will get the restoration it deserves, but for now it is still a really cool, old American made saxophone.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Wonder Improved & Wonder Perfected - Elkhart IND
Date Manufactured: 1906
Serial: 11905
Contributed By: saxquest.com