C.G. CONN Wonder Improved Elkhart model - Nickel (Serial Number: 882) Back to model

Here's a very early example of a C.G. Conn Wonder Improved alto sax. With serial number 882, this horn dates to about 1895. Its in the original nickel plate finish. Notice it has opposing side B and Bb bell keys. This was a very early change made from the initial saxophone design which featured same side bell keys. You also notice the antiquated double octave key mechanism. This instrument is stamped Elkhart which implies that it was made in the Elkhart factory not in the Worcester factory.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Wonder Improved - Elkhart IND & Worcester MASS
Date Manufactured: 1895
Serial: 882
Contributed By: saxquest.com and the Saxquest Museum in St. Louis, MO.