C.G. CONN Gold Plate Transitional 6M (Serial Number: 250404) Back to model

This is an absolutely beautiful transitional Conn alto sax, serial number 250404. This instrument is gold plated and features all the bells and whistles from the geniuses at Conn.

This sax is in incredibly physical condition. The original gold plating is stunning on this horn, standing at 98+%, and there isn’t a dent to be found. It has only a single resoldered post on the low Eb key guard.

This alto features all the greats from this vintage Conn. It has rolled tone holes, the G# trill key, the double socket neck, and the underslung octave key.  Take notice that this 250xxx has transitioned from the 248xxx before it(which we also have in the museum)in that the table keys have changed. They no longer feature the system that was so similar to the earlier Chu Berry, but the whole mechanism looks more like the 6M table key setup.  It does have the Naked Lady engraving on the bell as well.

In the sound department, this horn excels. The gold plating really has sweetened and warmed up the sound. The instrument gives just a little resistance to push up against, and the tone remains open and slightly spread. There is a real warm core to the sound as well. This is a really beautiful sounding instrument.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Transitional
Date Manufactured: 1932-1933
Serial: 250404
Contributed By: saxquest.com