BUESCHER True Tone Bass Sax - silver plate (Serial Number: 110523) Back to model

This is an example of a vintage Buescher bass saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 110523. These instruments were originally offered in a variety of different plating options. This particular instrument is in the original silver plate with gold wash in the bell.

This early vintage bass sax features soldered toneholes. Its only keyed up to high Eb. The original Bueshcer neck is in excellent condition.

All the pads are brand new with the Buescher snap in resonators. Everything is sealing great and in wonderful playing condition.

This is an awesome bass saxophone with a huge powerful sound.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1922
Serial: 110523
Contributed By: saxquest.com