MARTIN Handcraft Master "DeLuxe" - GOLD (Serial Number: 79359) Back to model

Here we have one of the most ornate Martin saxophones you will ever see. This tenor dates to 1927 with serial number 79359. Its a wonderful example of a Martin Master "De Luxe" model tenor saxophone. As described in a 1927 The New Master Martin Handcraft catalog this instrument was initially quadruple silver plated and then quadruple gold plated over the silver. The elaborate engraving was cut by the most experienced craftmen employed my Martin and then "picked" or inlayed with silver plate. 

This sax plays with an beautifully warm lush tone. The sax is indescribably free blowing and resonant. The bell tones sing like on no other saxophone. Intonation is very solid. Its an absolute delight to play! This instrument was made with the professional soloist in mind. Back in its day, it would certainly have turned some heads for its shear beauty if not also for its playing partners ability!

1927 Martin Handcraft catalog excerpt

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Handcraft
Date Manufactured: 1927
Serial: 79359
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