C.G. CONN 6M VIII Naked Lady - Lacquer (Serial Number: 288655) Back to model

This is a Conn 6M alto saxophone that is in incredibly preserved condition. It is 99.9% original and physically perfect. The serial number is 288655, circa 1940. The instrument features rolled tone holes.

Everything about this horn is original and perfect, making it a true closet horn. All of the pads are original with Conn resos. The rollers and pearls are perfect and very clean. There are absolutely NO dents, dings, or resoldered joints. The neck is original as well and is in perfect condition with "VIII" stamped on the double sleeve tenon.

The original pads are still playing well and give a very accurate account of the horns tonal characteristics.

As you can see in the photos, even the case is in excellent condition. It has purple velvet interior.

This alto has that rich and sweet sound that can only be found in a vintage Conn. It is a great Bebop era tone that is very reminiscent of Charlie Parker in the mid 40's. Intonation and balance are excellent.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: M Series Naked Lady
Date Manufactured: 1940-1941
Serial: 288655
Contributed By: saxquest.com