C.G. CONN 6M Naked Lady - Lacquer (Serial Number: 300769) Back to model

This is a very pretty Conn 6M alto saxophone with the "Naked Lady" style engraving. It is still in 90+% of its original dark gold lacquer. This sax also features rolled toneholes, leftside bell keys and the original Conn double socket tuner neck.

The physical condition of this alto is very good. There are a few chair dings in the bottom bow, otherwise it is physically perfect. There are no other dents, repaired dents or damages. There are NO resoldered joints anywhere on the horn. The neck is original and in perfect physical condition. It has about 90+% of its original lacquer still intact.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: M Series Naked Lady
Date Manufactured: 1941-1942
Serial: 300769
Contributed By: saxquest.com