C.G. CONN 6M Naked Lady - Lacquer (Serial Number: 326747) Back to model

This is a nice vintage Conn 6M alto saxophone, serial number 326747.  This horn has been relacquered at some point in the recent past, and has not seen much playing since then. There is no wear on the horn since the job, including no major scratches, even around the neck strap ring. There are no major dents, and no resolder work since the relacquer job. The sax does still have its original double socket tuner neck, with underslung octave key, which is also in great shape..

The relacquering hasn't really affected the way this horn plays.  While a relacquer does hurt the value of the horn, it doesn't affect the way the horn resonates really at all. It still has an open, slightly spread quality, and responds quickly to your airstream. It can really rip when you push it as well.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: M Series Naked Lady
Date Manufactured: 1947-1948
Serial: 326747
Contributed By: saxquest.com