C.G. CONN Gold Plate Art Deco Chu Berry (Serial Number: 239071) Back to model

Here is a rare gold plated Conn Chu Berry tenor sax with the Art Deco engraving on the bell, serial number 239071. This horn has it all, with rolled tone holes, and the fingernail file G# key.

This sax looks incredible. It still has a solid 90% of the original gold finish remaining. The horn has no dents or dings to be found, and no past resolder work.

The horn has the ideal vintage Conn feel, with a medium-light key tension and fairly open key height.

Sonically, this sax screams. It has a full open sound with a slightly spread characteristic. It features some nice warmth in the core of the sound. The horn is extremely free blowing, offering little resistance to the player. The art deco gold plate tenors are extremely hard to find. This one is certainly a fantastic instrument.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1930-1931
Serial: 239071
Contributed By: saxquest.com