DUKOFF BD Hollywood All Star Custom 5 Ted Klum (Serial Number: 673) Back to model

Here is a quality vintage Bob Dukoff All Star Custom Build metal mouthpiece for the tenor saxophone. This piece was manufactured in Hollywood, and features a serial number marking of 673 and is in pristine condition. The stamping has begun to fade over time, but you can still just make out the All Star Custom stamping just above the B.D. stamp on the back of the barrel.  The mouthpiece has a facing stamp of ‘5’, but has recently been reopened by modern mouthpiece expert Ted Klum, to an opening of .089’’. This will allow for an increased richness and projection. This mouthpiece will produce a colorful, rich tone, ideal for a lead tenor player. There’s a highly vocal and lyrical side to this mouthpiece.

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: BD Hollywood Series I
Date Manufactured: 1950's
Serial: 673
Contributed By: saxquest.com